Original Gold Reflective Film Sheet 12" X 12"

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10 units
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Product is sold by the sheet. It is intended for small projects.  Please purchase by the foot if you need larger quantities.  

Provides radiant heat protection up to 750°F.
Has a heat soak/continuous operating temperature of 500°F.
Has up to 70°F gradient temperature drop across film during normal operating temperatures.
Breaks down at 850°F of continuous radiant heat.
Film is 24” wide, 6 mil thick and weighs about 5 oz/yd².

IMPORTANT!Other companies have tried to duplicate this product. To be sure you get the genuine product, look for a film that is 24”-29” wide and has a white,fire resistant adhesive instead of a clear flammable adhesive.

Free shipping on this product, limited to quantities of 10.  Orders ship in an envelope and are cut into 12x12 sheets.